Hezcorp Construction Services (HCS) provides comprehensive and
informed Construction Management (CM) and General Construction
(GC) Services. Over the firm’s 40 years, HCS has provided CM and
GC services primarily in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida and
has delivered projects in both public and private realms. We have
learned to never forget the basics; Serve as advocates and agents for
our Clients; Work hard; and strive to find the best possible solutions for
each situation. The principals, Kurt Hezner, Keith Schodin and Scott
Hezner, have learned that through hard work, careful team assembly,
and diligent coordination, projects can not only turn out great, but can
also be enjoyable. We understand that each effort we participate in
must focus on specific needs and idiosyncrasies, and are committed to
delivering services where results meet expectations.

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